Hilary Palmer - MovementWorks Practitioner
Hilary teaches the MovementWorks DDM® programme in Schools and Early Years settings and also delivers The MovementWorks Family Learning Programme - a series of workshops that enable parents and carers to be more aware of how vital movement is for their children.

For over a decade in her role as a Music Workshop Leader for Boogie Mites she has developed a thorough working knowledge of music-based activities for babies and children under 5. Hilary has worked with babies from 6 weeks to crawling together with their parents using musical activity as an inspirational tool for stimulating early communication skills and sensory awareness whilst encouraging parents to bond, engage and interact with their babies.

Hilary has a strong appreciation of how music and movement are not only fun activities to share with children, but how they play a key role in supporting development; in language, numeracy, physical and social skills and make a positive impact in all areas of EYFS.

With her background in theatre Hilary still enjoys to perform seasonally. She is the co-producer of a small-scale theatre company ‘The Uplifters’, which tours to fringe festivals and care homes for the elderly and less able, with the aim of uplifting their spirits.

As part of her professional development Hilary also completed her PG Cert in SEN and also leads sessions with some of our community group classes for older individuals with learning disabilities.

M Gallego - MovementWorks Associate and former International Intern 
M Gallego is from Los Angeles, CA, USA who has recently completed a 2 year Masters program in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at the University of Roehampton in London.

She has trained in many different dance styles and currently specialises in Ballroom, Latin, and Social partner dances, which she teaches a mixture of private and group lessons.

She attained certification in Autism Movement Therapy during her internship. Having a nephew with Autism led her to understand the benefits of the program and the power to facilitate change.

Claudia Boes - Occupational Therapist and Academic Co-Author
Claudia Boes is an independent academic researcher and consultant specialising in special educational needs, child development and education. Apart from her consultancy, she is a qualified Occupational Therapist, currently working with the National Autistic Society and also Montessori Education for Autism (MEfA) as an academic advisor.

'Evaluation of a Developmental Dance Movement Program as OT Intervention for Children with Autism' was presented by Ms Boes and Ms Golding at the College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference 2015. The abstract can be accessed in the corresponding British Journal of Occupational Therapy supplement publication.

Ms Golding and Ms Boes have a peer reviewed published paper in the journal Research in Dance Education 'Investigating learning through developmental dance movement as a kinaesthetic tool in the Early Years Foundation Stage'

Kathryn Spence - Dance Associate
Kathryn Spence is a choreographer, dancer and teacher, making works professionally and in the community. She believes in making all work inclusive and accessible and strives to make dance a part of everyone’s lives. Kathryn has a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance from Laban, Conservatoire of Dance, London.

She has choreographed for UNICEF, making a piece that educated about People with Disabilities’ Human Rights, using performance as an accessible educational tool in an area of low literacy levels.

She has been Dance Development Officer for Citymoves Dance Agency, with a focus on developing dance in Education and Early Years in Aberdeenshire, with projects outreaching dance to Education systems in deprived areas.

Kathryn believes that dance can be utilised as a tool for learning and for connecting people, providing a social, physical and educational aspects to individuals.

Elsie Burns - Research Consultant
Elsie is a research consultant, with over 20 years experience in quantitative and qualitative research in London. She has led and worked on studies for a range of government departments, businesses and educational charities. Clients include the National Audit Office, HMRC, the Carbon Trust, the Department of Transport, London Underground, the Book Trust, E.S.U., E.O.N., Royal Mail, Lloyds, Tesco, B.T. and the BBC.

Earlier in her career, she worked for the Ministry of Education in New Zealand in their Early Childhood and then Policy Development section across a wide range of issues from mainstreaming through to rural education, teacher training, and qualifications and assessment.

She considers the MovementWorks programme to have a tremendous amount to offer at this time when there is a growing awareness of the importance of movement: for healthy development and for a fulfilling and expressive life.

Katy Nash - Teaching Assistant and AMT Practitioner
(MovementWorks Professional Level)

In her teaching assistant role at Marjorie McClure Special School, Katy assisted Ali with MovementWorks sessions for several years. Inspired by the work, she completed the Level II training in Autism Movement Therapy in 2017 and the MovementWorks Autism Movement Therapy Professional Level course in 2018.

As well as working with children; dance, singing and drama have always been an important part of Katy’s life.

Katy enjoyed working with the MovementWorks team to promote the benefits of movement for all.

MovementWorks offers fixed-term internships for a career change or continuing professional development (CPD).

Please contact us in regard to Internships and Training Opportunities.

Applications considered in the first instance via email with a covering letter expressing interest, background and relevant experience.

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