Bethany Dickinson
Bethany studied at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, gaining a Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre. She has performed in various theatre productions over the years as well as an extra in television when she was younger..

She then went on to study a Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning at Trinity Laban Conservatoire, passing with Distinction. She has since taught dance and drama for a variety of after-school groups and clubs, to a range of ages. She currently works at The Green School For Girls in Isleworth within the SEN department while she studies towards her MSc in Creative Arts and Mental Health at QMUL.

Megan Scarff 
As a Psychology graduate, Megan had a particular interest in child development and special educational needs. With her post graduate experience working with children with learning differences in a variety of different roles and her training with MovementWorks, Megan is particularly passionate about inclusive education.

Dance was her first love. It was during a placement in Sri Lanka at the National Institute of Mental Health that she realised how powerful a tool dance can be. Dancing with patients and children in homes he realised that language is limited but creativity is a language that everyone can speak.

During her internship, Megan had the opportunity to support MovementWorks presentations at professional conference level. She successfully completed her training and with a project focused on the topic of Inclusivity supported the MovementWorks presentation at the TES SEN Show 2016. You can read her internship perspectives on the blog page.

Megan now works as an SEN Educator and believes that MovementWorks has a lot to offer the quest for inclusivity in our education system and is deeply excited to play a part in what the programme can achieve in mainstream and special education settings.

Megan’s internship was supported by The Royal Society of Arts.

Tracy Norris
70 hour placement through Greenwich University
A psychology graduate with a 2:1 honours degree from the University of Greenwich a the time of her internship was completing her Masters in child and adolescent psychology, Tracy secured a voluntary 70-hour graduate placement with children.

"My career goal is to actively contribute to Developmental Research, to advance to become a respected expert in my chosen profession and apply novel knowledge to benefit my clients.

I learnt so much. I really enjoyed my time at MovementWorks and would recommend the placement to anyone who is enthusiastic with an eagerness to learn.

As result of my placement I have secured professional work as a research associate."

Tracy's Blog

Chuang Xue Ying - International Intern
Xue Ying, flew from Singapore to embark on an exciting internship journey with MovementWorks.

At the time she was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore. With a background in Dance her interest in special needs grew when she volunteered at a special needs school in Hangzhou, China.

"I’ve have loved every moment of it – shadowing sessions at different nurseries and primary schools and learning how the Developmental Dance Movement® (DDM) programme benefits children of all ages and abilities. I have shared my thoughts and feelings of my journey with you through a blog post, so do have a read to discover more about my experience and what I learned during my internship."

Xue Ying's Blog

Clyniece Hodge - International Intern
Clyniece from Trinidad and Tobago during her internship was pursuing an MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology at the University of Greenwich.

"As part of my degree, I was required to complete a placement as part of an academic assignment. The University of Greenwich and MovementWorks® had been working in collaboration on a research project. This partnership turned out to be particularly beneficial for me since I was given the opportunity to do my placement with MovementWorks.

This was welcome news because I have been involved in dance since the age of 4. Dance is one of my greatest passions together with psychology and working with children. It was exhilarating that I landed an internship that was in line with my passions and interests."

Clyniece's Blog

Graduating with Flying Colours

MovementWorks Internship Photo 1
MovementWorks Internship Photo 2

Hilary Palmer completed one year of MovementWorks training and is teaching the DDM® programme in a number of schools and early years settings based in South West and Central London.

As part of her internship Hilary completed her PG Cert in SEN.

MovementWorks offers fixed-term internships: as research for a career change or continuing professional development (CPD).

Please contact us in regards to Internships and Training Opportunities.

Applications considered in the first instance, via email with a covering letter expressing interest, background and relevant experience.

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