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ODL - AMT 3 Beats 1

Each MovementWorks On Demand Autism Movement Therapy® based session contains movement, dancing and activities including a warm up session, followed by some dance movements to the AMT music,  a game or games and then a cooling down session incorporating some mindfulness techniques.

The sessions have a structured approach that stimulates the brain, aids sensory processing, develops communication and motor skills and supports challenges associated with autism, all while having fun! Clear instructions for the various activities are provided both verbally and using Makaton. For more information, please visit our What is Autism Movement Therapy? webpage

AMT is an exciting approach which complements other therapeutic techniques for autistic children  and has them meeting and achieving their speech, social and academic goals.

In this session:
Following the warm-up sessions, M introduces two easy to follow dance movement sequences based on 3 Beat Rhythms. The first one is some basic Salsa steps, followed by some Waltz moves concentrating on upper body and arm movements. The session then ends with a cool down of gentle swaying.

Who is it for?
Individuals aged 7 years and over with or without a diagnosis for Autism. 

Who is it for?
Individuals aged 7 years and over with or without a diagnosis for Autism. 

Who can use this session?
It can be used in educational settings, in groups and at home; please see below, examples of who will find this session and the AMT programme useful:

  • Schools - both primary from KS2 and secondary
  • Special schools who deal with individuals with additional needs (from age 7)
  • Specialised Autism groups and clubs
  • In the home by parents/carers

To get the most from this session
For the maximum impact, the AMT session should be accessed and practised regularly, this will help the participant to fully undertake all of the activities. Continued access to this and the other AMT sessions, will support the continued development of confidence, well-being, co-ordination and abilities.

A responsible adult needs to be present during the session to ensure that the participant/s receive support as they work through the activities.

If this session or any of the On Demand AMT sessions encourage you to work further with autistic individuals in supporting these sessions, please visit our Autism Movement Therapy® Training Workshops webpage and consider joining our next Stage 1 Certified Training. 

It is essential, before starting the workshop, that you read through the first step 'About this Session' as it provides all relevant information relating to the content including the schedule of activities, what you may need to prepare and most importantly, the Health and Safety information you need to follow to ensure the safety of those taking part. 

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