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MovementWorks® On Demand

ODL - DDM Intro 2 - 1

Each MovementWorks On Demand Developmental Dance Movement® based session contains a variety of dance movement-based games and activities which are demonstrated by the teacher and accompanied with clear instructions both verbally and using Makaton. 

The activities are not focused on learning particular dance styles or steps and are therefore appealing to both girls and boys. The work is process rather than performance led which nurtures a safe, encouraging and supportive learning environment; sessions are physiologically sound and advocate inclusivity.

Appropriate stimulation develops a strong foundation for learning
Children are encouraged to practice fundamental physical skills that appropriately stimulate the senses; visual, aural, tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive. This enables the specific co-ordination and control which will most directly assist the developmental maturity required to support school readiness and allow children to excel in all areas of learning.

Fun and Informative
The DDM programme takes into careful consideration both the recreational and education potential dance has to offer. Sessions closely link with other specific areas for learning, particularly literacy and maths. For more information. please visit our What is Developmental Dance Movement? webpage

In this session
Ali welcomes participants and introduces them to the structure of a DDM session using picture flashcards to illustrate the schedule and different activities.

Following a warm up of singing, stretching and other moves, there is the first of two dance movement sessions, and participants are asked to imitate Ali in saying 'Hello to their bodies' with different body moves in time to the music. The second dance movement activity provides the opportunity for participants to share their own moves (or they can copy Ali if preferred) and dance around the space to the music, but when the music stops they are asked to imitate Ali as she moves into different shapes to represent a number of animals which include a mouse, a giraffe, a cat and many others.

The next activity is a game where participants are asked to mark their space on the floor and move around this spot using their arms as windmill sails and spinning their whole body round, while staying on their mark.

Finally Ali ends the session with the MovementWorks 'Goodbye' song.

Who is it for?
Children with or without additional needs, aged 2 years and over.

Who can use this session?
It can be used in an educational setting, in groups and at home; please see below, examples of who will find this session and the DDM programme useful:

  • Early years providers (nurseries, childminders etc.)
  • Playgroups
  • Parent and Toddler groups
  • In the home - by parents/carers.  

To get the most from this session
For the maximum impact, the DDM session should be accessed and practised regularly until the child is able to fully undertake and copy all of the activities. 

A responsible adult needs to be present while the child/ren are taking part. If the sessions is being used with a group of young children, there must be a suitable ratio of adults to children to ensure that each child receives support as they work through the activities.   

Please ensure that you read through the first step 'About this session' as it provides all of the relevant information relating to the content of this particular session including the activities, what you may need to prepare and most importantly, the Health and Safety information you need to follow to ensure the safety of those taking part. 

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