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ODL - R & R Opposites 1

Each Rhythm and Rhyme session is themed and full of activities aimed at younger children to support developing their numeracy, literacy and understanding of the world. They are engaging and packed with familiar songs and rhymes often accompanied by percussion instruments, puppets and toys with simple actions children can follow and join in so they have fun while they learn.

The activities are appealing to both girls and boys and Sharon has a wide range of musical instruments, props and toys that helps the children to engage and get involved.

In this session:
Sharon introduces the concept of Opposites from Big to Small, Loud to Quiet, Hot to Cold Open and Shut and many others involving three of the basic human senses - touch, hearing and sight. Using songs, simple movements and actions and accompanied by various percussion instruments (brining in the rhythm element), props and toys, the subject is explored in a fun and simple way. Participants are encouraged to join in with all of the activities and even get the chance to be a helicopter! Early numeracy and literacy are also covered in this session with counting and the simple explanation of the words used. All activities are accompanied with clear instructions so children are able to join in from their first experience. Suitable for children aged between 18 months to 5 years, older and younger children would enjoy it too. 

Who is it for?
Children with or without additional needs, aged 2 years and over.

Who can use this session?
It can be used in an educational setting, in groups and at home; please see below, examples of who will find this session useful:

  • Early years providers (nurseries, childminders etc.)
  • Playgroups
  • Parent and Toddler groups
  • In the home - by parents/carers.
  • Home carers (Nannies, Grandparents etc.)

To get the most from this session
For the maximum impact, the Rhythm and Rhyme sessions should be accessed and practised regularly until the child is able to fully undertake and copy all of the activities.

A responsible adult needs to be present while the child/ren are taking part. If the sessions is being used with a group of young children, there must be a suitable ratio of adults to children to ensure that each child receives support as they work through the activities. 

It is essential, before starting the workshop, that you read through the first step 'About this Session' as it provides all relevant information relating to the content including the schedule of activities, what you may need to prepare and most importantly, the Health and Safety information you need to follow to ensure the safety of those taking part.

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