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Sensory yoga includes yoga practices of movement, breathing and relaxation combined with sound, rhythm and sensory integration techniques. The movements practiced in Yoga are more than just stretching, they strengthen musculature and core stability, stimulate circulatory and immune systems. Coupled with breathing exercises they also calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. These sessions provide a complementary approach to MovementWorks® evidenced based dance practice. Yoga is a powerful healing tool, now scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on the brain, emotions and neuro system including enhanced sensory integration, self-awareness and regulation; these improvements are key to creating new conditions for learning.

The session follows a structured format and starts and ends with a Namaste song.
1. Warm up which includes 'Hello Body' the 'Hari Om, Shari Om' song with movements to follow and the Sun Dance, including singing and movements,
2. Yoga Poses and Moves: Viera guides participants through the steps of each pose and moves seamlessly from one to the other
3. Calm Down Poses and Moves: As with the previous, the transition between the moves runs fluidly and also includes a song with actions.
4. Quiet time: As participants rest peacefully, Viera guides them through a mediation.
Yogic breathing is practised throughout in between moves and poses and one of the Yoga poses includes a positive affirmation / mantra.

Who is it for?
Everyone! From young children to adults. This type of yoga is extremely beneficial especially with autistic individuals and those with a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Who can use this session?
Everyone! It can be used in an educational setting, in groups and at home; please see below, some examples of who will find this session useful / beneficial:

  • Early years providers (nurseries, childminders etc.)
  • Playgroups / Parent and child groups
  • Schools, both Primary and Secondary
  • Special Schools / Groups / Organisations who deal with autistic individuals and those with additional needs
  • In the home - for all the family

To get the most from this session
For the maximum benefit, participants should access this session on a regular basis. The more they practice, the greater the benefit. We also have another Sensory Yoga session (if you haven't already accessed it) that follows the same structure but with different poses and moves. Form more information, please click on the following link: Sensory Yoga An Introduction.

A responsible adult needs to be present while the children, young people and vulnerable adults are taking part. If the session is being used in a group situation, there must be a suitable ratio of adults to ensure that each individual receives any support they may need as they move through the session. 

It is essential, before starting the workshop, that you read through the first step 'About this Session' as it provides all relevant information relating to the content including the schedule of activities, what you may need to prepare and most importantly, the Health and Safety information you need to follow to ensure the safety of those taking part.

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