What Is Developmental Dance Movement® (DDM)?

MovementWorks Developmental Dance Movement Programme® is innovative whole-body learning. The programme has been designed by an experienced dance practitioner and qualified movement research scientist.

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Current research indicates that almost 90% of children of Reception age have deficits in their physical development. Findings indicate that inadequate motor skills correlate with lower academic attainment. Conversely an appropriate early intervention is likely to have a positive impact on lifelong learning potential.

Developmental Dance Movement® is designed specifically for this purpose. The programme can be combined with specially developed integrated progress checks, which assist early years observational practice and early years practitioner professional development, making the work beneficial for both children and their educators.

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What happens in a Developmental Dance Movement® Session?
Sessions normally last between 35 – 45 minutes. They are unique in a number of important ways:

Scientifically validated and carefully crafted
Grounded in rigorous academic research and informed by Montessori pedagogy and observational practice, sessions take the form of various dance movement-based games and activities. They are not focused on learning particular dance styles or steps and are therefore appealing to both boys and girls. The work is process rather than performance led which nurtures a safe, encouraging and supportive learning environment; sessions are physiologically sound and advocate inclusivity.

Appropriate stimulation develops a strong foundation for learning
Children are encouraged to practice fundamental physical skills that appropriately stimulate the senses; visual, aural, tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive. This enables the specific co-ordination and control which will most directly assist the developmental maturity required to support school readiness and allow children to excel in all areas of learning.

Fun and Informative
The programme takes into careful consideration both the recreational and educational potential dance has to offer. Sessions closely link with other specific areas of learning, particularly literacy and maths, and so contribute to the forming of a baseline for the National Curriculum. Concepts are taught experientially having greater impact on understanding and retention. Enjoyable whole-body recreational activity fosters the physical, social, emotional and cognitive potential of each child and provides multi-sensory learning opportunities that are complementary to differing learning dispositions and needs.

Essex TV featured Developmental Dance Movement® in relation to World Autism Awareness week. Read the full article here.

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